What you don’t know can cost you time and money when it comes to selling your house. The best source of information is your real estate agent, and we’ve put together a growing list of helpful resources about the home selling process. When you’re ready, call the Debbie Hauert Group at 321-303-9179 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

How much is my home worth?

6 Steps to Selling a House

Selling a house doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s true that there are current real estate trends, timelines, and legalities to consider, but a bit of preparation will save a fair amount of frustration. What you don’t know about the home selling process can cost you money and cause delays. Don’t let this happen to … Continued

Find the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Save yourself from suffering a variety of headaches during the sale of your house. A lack of knowledge and preparation can cost you money and cause delays. Find the right real estate agent to sell your home, and you’ll be on your way to a successful closing. Where should I look? Friends and family members … Continued